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Become famous for what you do

➬ Tools to build your brand

Thought Leadership Branding

Build your personal brand and become a leading voice in your industry.

Executive & Employee Branding

Turn every team member into an ambassador for your company brand.

➬ Community Building

The Public Figure Society

Share, learn, and collaborate to elevate your influence and impact. The place for networking and community recognition.

The Public Figure Forum

Crafting excellence, shaping tomorrow.​ Discussion forum and networking opportunity.
Event details coming soon.

➬ News & Media

Become Famous Podcast

Learn to how to make your mark on your industry from expert guests.

Fame Builders: Blog

Stay up to date with the latest news and info on fame and how you can build your influence and authority in your industry.

Fame Revolution Book

New Era. New Strategy to Expand Your Circle of Influence, Wealth, And Impact. -Book by Torund Bryhn

Are you ready to become famous for what you do?

Build your Signature BRand

Group coaching for small business and personal brands

✅ Fast-track the life you want
✅ Create a success roadmap
✅ Get a logo and brand that reflects your personality
✅ Join a community of public figures


Everything you need to build your small business brand.

✅ Website design and development
✅ Branding: Logo, colors, fonts…etc.
✅ Social Media Services
➡️ All designed to get your small business more clients.

Become Famous Podcast

with Torund Bryhn

Join the Become Famous podcast with me, your host and Strategic Communications Expert, Torund, as we learn to maneuver in this new economy by speaking with masters on fame.

We will learn best practices on how to overcome fears & limitations and expand your gifts to thrive in today’s economy.

The Public Figure Forum

Crafting Excellence, Shaping tomorrow.

November 13 – 14, 2024.
Scottsdale, Arizona.
Join us for the Public Figure Forum to network and learn how to distinguish yourself in a world with Ai and increasing global competition.

This year, we will delve into how things have changed and learn from those that have taken a different path that has created success for them.

We will learn hacks, tricks, and trades.

Collaborate, discuss, and share.

Torund Bryhn

Strategist, publisher, and podcaster with a passion for making people, companies, and causes famous for their contribution to the world.

-> Author of Fame Revolution.

About Us

Bring the book inside of you to life in 90 days.

✅  First Draft in 90-days.
✅  Expert guidance from bestselling authors.
✅  Review of your manuscript by a New York Times bestselling editor.
✅  Forge your path to becoming a best-selling author.
➡️  Kick-Off April 17, 2024.

Fame Revolution

New Era. New Strategy to Expand Your Circle of Influence, Wealth, And Impact.

✅  Learn the strategy to grab the right attention
✅  Strategize your impact
✅  Build your influence
✅  Create the lifestyle you want
➡️  Book by Torund Bryhn


Share, learn, and collaborate to elevate your influence and impact.

✅ Elite Networking
✅ Education
✅ Community
✅ Recognition

Micro-Business Services: Phoenix, AZ

Engagement marketing & PR – done for you…

Our full service marketing and PR service will feel like you hired a full time employee to take it all on for you, at a fraction of the cost.

✅ In-person production
✅ Planning content campaigns
✅ 40-50 pieces of content per month
✅ Pitching your business to local media

Diotima Strategies

Expand your circle of influence to expand your wealth and impact.

✅ Public Figure Strategy
✅ Brand Coaching

Clarity Accelerator

Not sure what your big vision is? Wondering what your gifts are? Not sure where to go next?

Program coming soon

Authenticity Training

Learn how to practice being authentic on video, in writing, with your voice.

Program Coming Soon