About become famous

Our mission is to help people and businesses see, believe, and share their gifts.

so they can fast-track to the life they want.

and become famous for what they do.

our team

Torund Bryhn

Bestselling Author and Managing Director

What I do:
Working with a broad range of expertise, my passion is to help people, places and organizations to become famous for what they create, build and offer, so that they heal the world with their words and actions.

Excavate your X factor, package it, express it and expand your influence and impact.

Main vehicles are books, podcasts, documentaries, O2O platform, or content marketing.

Who I serve:
⇀ Business Owners including Start-ups wanting to be Thought Leaders
⇀ CEOs & Executives wanting to strengthen their brand and reputation
⇀ Engineers & Inventors wanting to be famous for their work
⇀ Writers wanting to become recognized Authors
⇀ Companies wanting to build a lifestyle brand
⇀ Political Candidates with national ambitions
⇀ Academics wanting public recognition

Zachary Houghton

Public Figure Strategist, Web Designer, Founding Partner

What I do:

I help small and local businesses, and  trades-people become famous for what they do so that they can make their local community and economy better.


Building websites that attract clients, crafting messaging that engages BOTH sides of the brain and brings out the essence of the company and its people. 


At the end of the day, my goal is to help my clients get more customers than they can handle.

Who I serve:

⇀ Small to medium sized businesses

⇀ Business owners and CEOS

⇀ Remodeling companies

⇀ Public Figures

⇀ Local businesses in New Jersey

Lisa Duncan


What I do:

I love to write. I grew up writing poems and stories simply because I liked stringing words together. I was self-taught in the beginning, mainly mimicking my favorite authors. As a voicewriter, I will collaborate and be credited for my input, but the vision and voice are still all yours. I am invested in your vision and will help you bring it to fruition.


Every story and voice is unique. When you work with me as your voicewriter, your voice is heard at its highest level. I will amplify your voice; I will not take it over. I will work with you to bring depth and color to your story and message. I will develop it all with you, researching facts, quotes, and theories that lend authority and authenticity to your words. People crave authentic storytelling. We are wired to learn through stories. The practice of writing well-crafted stories and messages brings opportunities for thought leaders to be remembered and to build relevance and connection.

Who I serve:

I write with experts and leaders who feel compelled to share their stories or messages but have trouble getting them out. Working with people and finding the right words to create inspiration, clarification, entertainment, or education is my privilege. Together, we dig into what makes your company, values, and mission unique to leverage the power of your story.

Sage Toomey

Social Media Strategist

Sage Toomey is an accomplished entrepreneur and a small business owner with experience in many different sectors and a strong footprint in the realm of social media.

When she’s not running her businesses, she’s connecting with a wide audience on TikTok, and giving a voice to her generation’s viewpoints and values.

As a Gen Z representative, she brings a fresh and critical perspective to important conversations.

Sage is passionate about breaking down generational barriers and enhancing understanding of Gen Z’s outlooks in wider dialogues. Her interests span artificial intelligence, social media, freedom, and effective resource management. These key topics underline her dedication to leading discussions that matter in our rapidly evolving digital and environmental landscapes.