Growing Your Business at the Cusp of the AI Tidal Wave

A Book Review on the Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth

We all feel the looming tidal wave of AI coming to transform our lives and business. Some are diving head-on into the wave to stay competitive, and some, like me, are tepidly dipping our toes in, knowing it is only a matter of time before we must embrace this new technology. Others are either standing on the sidelines condemning it is here, and a few still have their heads in the sand ignoring the AI tidal wave.

Scott A. Martin, author of the newly published book, “Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth,” is a guide on how to effectively manage and outsmart this new unforeseen territory we found ourselves in.

What I found so delightful about the book and what makes its lessons memorable is that Scott, an ardent surfer, provides unconventional strategies for business growth by using the metaphor of catching the perfect wave, i.e., the Groundswell wave. A surfer’s dream is to ride the never-ending Groundswell, which produces powerful, uniform, well-organized, long-period waves. For an entrepreneur, the dream is to ride the never-ending Groundswell of Growth for the business.

To have never-ending growth, or what Scott states, to have an “epic outcome,” is to be mindful and patient and ride the momentum like a seasoned surfer. He boldly states, “Patience is the new growth hack.”

Scott goes against the celebrity entrepreneurs by warning against the get-rich-quick funnels and frantically seeking the latest trends in the hopes of 10X growth. He defines himself as a recovering 10X rapid-growth marketeer and veers away from the celebrity entrepreneurs by stating, “The 10x grows-quick culture that has taught us bigger is always better created a maligning tumor in the way most brand marketing department operates. Not all growth is good.”

“There’s no shortcut if you want rapid, healthy, and sustainable growth for your business. Hacks and tactics promising 10x growth might yield short-term results but will not provide long-term gains. It’s time to rethink chasing “tactics” and shift your growth mindset to unlock the hidden potential within your business that can quickly generate ongoing waves of profitability.”

As a recovering 10X grower myself, it was refreshing to read about the virtues of patience and that “Patience is the new growth hack.”

“Patience isn’t a crawl, and it isn’t a race. It’s more like a brisk walk, one that builds the strength and confidence to do the job. Then when the timing is ideal, you sprint. Patience trusts that the process will add up to victory even if it doesn’t look or feel like it at the moment.”

When I asked Scott on my podcast, “Become Famous,” about the attributes of patience, he elaborated that a seasoned surfer doesn’t twiddle their thumbs waiting for the Groundswell wave. The surfer is patient with excellent focus, scanning the environment, staying balanced, being adaptable, actively using all five senses, and ready to ride the Groundswell wave at a moment’s notice.

But it is not just about waiting for the Groundswell wave, “Remember, our goal isn’t merely to generate growth but to create a Groundswell. The magnitude of this impact requires you to think differently — to change your attention span from fast growth to ongoing, sustainable growth.”

With AI and other technologies, such as blockchain and robotics, looming over the horizon, Scott predicts that future clients will require authentic and mindful connections. Patience, while contradictory, will help mitigate unexpected waves such as AI.

The book, “Groundswell,” is a comprehensive guide that not only covers the importance of patience and managing the unforeseen waves of AI. More importantly, it will help you stay ahead of the game with a strategic, sustainable growth plan where you are not frantically exhausting yourself by chasing the next shiny promise.

Torund Bryhn is a writer, blogger, and podcast host who explores fame, power, and culture. She writes a weekly blog at Medium called “Become Famous,” hosts a podcast of the same name, and is the Managing Director for Diotima Strategy and Publisher of st. john’s press in Scottsdale, AZ.

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